Canada - Stamp Packet

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Canada (signifying "village" from the Iroquois word kanata) is located in North America and shares its southern border with the northern United States. It is the second largest country in the world, and its border with the USA is the largest common border in the world. Native Americans were the first inhabitants of this land, with the British and French each colonizing different parts of it, until finally Canada became known as a Dominion in 1867, under the British. Canada is now a parliamentary government with a constitutional monarchy. In other words, the Prime Minister and his cabinet run the show, but the queen and her Governor General still have a ceremonial role. It has ten provinces, three territories and two official languages-English and French. Canada's stamp history officially begins in 1851 with stamps emitted under the name Province of Canada. The first stamps emitted as a Dominion were in 1868. Canadian stamps, especially more modern ones, are wonderfully designed and multicoloured. They are recognized as being some of the most beautiful postage stamps in the world.

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