year of the ram stamp and coin set
year of the ram stamp and coin set
year of the ram stamp and coin set

Canada Post - Thematic Collection #116 - Year of the Ram - Stamp and Coin Set (2003)

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Every Lunar Year is named after a particular animal sign of the zodiac. The Year of the Ram, begins on February 1, 2003 and ends on January 21, 2004. Those born in the Year of the Ram are believed to be sincere, kind-hearted and seekers of advice and counsel. They are said to be elegant, creative and highly accomplished in the arts.

Joy, calmness and gentleness are often associated with this animal. Because rams are usually regarded as animals that can bring luck, their symbolic appearance froms part of many Chinese festivals and celebrations.

Since 1998, Canada Post and the Royal Canadian Mint have been proud to join Canada's Asian communities to honour the Lunar New Year through the issue of special edition stamp and coin sets.

2003 - Thematic collection. Joint Royal Canadian Mint / Canada Post stamp and coin product.

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