the christmas lamb
the christmas lamb
the christmas lamb

Canada Post - Thematic Collection #59 - The Christmas Lamb (1992)

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1992 - Thematic collection as issued by Canada Post.

The Christmas Lamb

Written for children, this book relates what was for many North Americans, the typical Christmas of earlier times. The Gilvrays, a farm family, decorate a tree, leave toffee for Santa, while the children eagerly await the arrival of Santa, who will fill their stockings. In school they learn something of Santas in other lands: Estonia's Jôuluvana, Italy's La Befana, Germany's Weihnachtsmann - all of whom are depicted in action on the stamps contained within the book. A nostalgic recollection of times past all of us are bound to enjoy. Contains Scott numbers 1452 to 1455.

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