singing songs of the spirit
singing songs of the spirit

Canada Post - Thematic Collection #15 - Singing Songs of the Spirit (1980)

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The history and culture of the Inuit. A heritage stamp collection in a mini booklet of 60 pages and 32 stamps. Canada Post has issued this Heritage Collection on the occasion of the completion of the commemorative stamp series honouring Canada’s Inuit. The 16 different stamps issued between 1977 and 1980 feature Inuit works of art. Issued in groups of four, the stamps depict the themes of hunting, travel, shelter and community life, and spirits. They allow us a view of the Inuit way of life as seen through the eyes of Canadian Inuit Artists. Contains Scott numbers 748 to 751, 769 to 772, 835 to 838 and 866 to 869.

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