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Scott United States Specialized Catalogue

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Scott US Specialized Catalogue of postage stamps

The 2018 U.S. Specialized catalog features almost 5,400 value changes. Once again, as for the last couple of years, action in the marketplace is in very high-grade stamps and rarities. Some rarities were sold during the past year, and some new values have resulted, such as in Officials and Newspaper stamps. As one might expect, the bulk of the value changes, more than 2,000, are concentrated in the Postage section. Values for very fine stamps, in general, are steady or, in a few cases, somewhat softer. Hundreds of value changes are found in the 2018 “Scott Stamp Values U.S. Specialized by Grade.” This special section of the catalog is sometimes referred to as the “yellow pages” because the pages have a yellow border to make them easy to locate.

The 2018 edition of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Scott catalogs. The title pages of this volume and other volumes in the 2018 Scott Standard catalog state that this is the 174th edition of the catalogs (and it is). In September 1868, John Walter Scott published his first stamp catalog. The catalog, titled A Descriptive Catalogue of America and Foreign Postage Stamps, Issued from 1840 to Date, is considered to be the first Scott stamp catalog

Includes the following Stamps & Covers:

United States - Canal Zone - Danish West Indies - Guam - Hawaii - United Nations - Air Post - Plate Blocks - First Day Covers - Postal Stationary - Essays - Proofs - Computer Vended Postage - 19th Century Carriers & Locals - Booklets - Revenue Stamps - Telegraph Stamps - U.S. Confederate States - U.S. Possessions - United Nations - Canal Zone - Danish West Indies - Guam - Hawaii - Cuba - Puerto Rico - Philippines - Ryukyu Islands

Brand: Scott

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