russia soviet ussr stamp packet

Russia Soviet USSR - Stamp Packet

1000 different stamps
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2000 different stamps
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500 different stamps
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Russia is located in northern Eurasia. Once known as the USSR, it was long considered a world superpower. Under the communist regime, the country made great technological progress and even sent the first man into space. Russia is well known for many attractions such as Red Square, the location of the ex-Kremlin and St-Basil's Cathedral with its colourful onion shaped domes. Russia has also long contributed to the arts of the world with the Bolshoi Ballet, the musical works of Tchaikovsky and the literary works of Leo Tolstoy, author of War & Peace and Anna Karenina. The first postage stamp of Russia was issued in 1857 but were only used in 1858. The postal history of modern Russia begins in 1992.

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