olympian world stamp album
olympian world stamp album

Olympian World Stamp Album

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USD $745.00


The Olympian worldwide stamp album features black & white illustrations on over 5500 9" x 12" pages contained in 4" two-post binders. It comes as a set of five binders. Illustrations mainly cover the period from 1960 to 2018, with very few older issues.

Characteristics of the Olympian world stamp album:

  • Comes as a 5 volumes set
  • Large 9" x 12" page size with standard 2 hole punching
  • Black and white stamp illustrations
  • Five 4" Capacity 2 post binders
  • 5900 pages including year 2018

Additional items:

  • Annual supplements
  • Blank pages
  • Quadruled pages
  • Additional binder

Special notice: World Album Completeness.

Collectors expecting any kind of completeness from this CWS world album, and at this price, compared to Scott International's retail price, are not being realistic. We recommend blank and quad-ruled pages for the stamps that are not illustrated. Extra binders are also available.

One of the most complete world albums is the Scott International 60-volume set that retails at $17,393.95, including binders and slipcases. At this price, even this album is not completely and fully illustrated and is not always available all at once, but we do supply what is available upon request.
Brand: CWS

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