france quebec joint souvenir sheet with folder
france quebec joint souvenir sheet with folder

Canada Post - Thematic Collection #156 - France-Québec Joint Souvenir sheet with folder (2008)

SKU: COT-156


2008 - Collection thématique telle qu'offerte par postes Canada.

Philatelic Souvenir - Foundation of Quebec 1608 - Savignon

Joint issue France - Canada. With souvenir sheet. In 1610, a young Huron/Wendat, "of good size, strong, robust and courageous" by the name of Savignon was entrusted to Samuel de Champlain so that he could see France and "report what he would have seen beautiful". During his one-year stay, Savignon will be surprised at the sight of "large and small animals, different from ours", and, in Paris, to see two men "quarreling, without fighting". Back in Quebec, Savignon commended the good care received in France to his family and proved useful to Champlain as a guide. Contains Scott number 2269ii.

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