dual function uv led pocket flashlight
dual function uv led pocket flashlight

Dual function UV / LED pocket flashlight

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Robust and practical pocket-sized flashlight with 2 functions: ultraviolet and white light! The 6 UV LEDs emit 365 nm wavelength (long-wave UV) and can even be used in bright environments and in broad daylight. The flashlight has numerous applications, e.g. detecting fluorescence in banknotes, stamps, minerals and fossils, examining credit cards and driver’s licenses, making UV fluorescent colours visible. The 10 powerful, white LEDs make this flashlight an ideal companion for outdoor activities such as fishing, climbing, camping, geocaching, and much more. Sturdy metal casing with integrated wrist strap. Battery powered (3 x AAA, not included). Length: 5" (125 mm).

Caution: Torch emits UV radiation. Do not shine directly into the eyes. Do not shine on skin for prolonged periods.

Brand: Lighthouse

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