dogs of canada
dogs of canada
dogs of canada

Canada Post - Thematic Collection #40 - Dogs of Canada (1988)

SKU: COT-040


1988 - Thematic collection as issued by Canada Post.

Dogs of Canada

Four breeds of dog have been highlighted in this thematic collection: the Newfoundland (this breed would come from the Tibetan mastiff or the black bear dog that the Vikings introduced to Canada), the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (this naturally friendly dog ​​is said to have been developed by James Allen in Yarmouth County in 1860), the Tahltan Bear Dog (this lively, modestly sized dog is named after the Tahltans, an Indian tribe of British Columbia British who trained them to hunt bear and lynx) and the Canadian Eskimo Dog (both gentle and enduring, this dog from the Spitz family has been linked to the life of the Inuit for more than 1000 years). Contains Scott number 1220a.

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