2020 collection canada
2020 collection canada
2020 collection canada

Canada Post - Annual Stamp Collection #63 - 2020 Collection Canada

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Relive the year in stamps and discover all there is to know about these beautiful stamps with the Collection Canada 2020 album, a superb large-format Canadian themed book, annual collection #63.

This high-quality hardcover album contains captivating stories, illustrations, and photos that present the historic and cultural context of this year’s stamps, and tell the story of Canada together.

It’s the ultimate Canadian-themed coffee table book and premier-quality collectible from Canada.

  • Images and photographs by some of Canada’s best creative professionals
  • Contains 39 mint stamps
  • Protective mounts to preserve your stamps
  • Cardboard slipcover to protect your album


This popular collector’s item contains images and photographs by some of the most talented artists in the country, as well as 39 new stamps and protective mounts to preserve them.

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