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FAQ Arpin Philately

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You will find on this page the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please send your questions to [email protected].

Where is your company located?

Arpin Philately is located in Farnham, Québec, Canada. Please read the About section to learn more about our company. Our coordinates are available in the Customer Service section.

Will you ship to my country?

We ship Worldwide to almost every country. Free shipping is available to Canada and USA on most orders over $89. To know more about our delivery methods, read our Customer Service section.

What philatelic services do you provide?

Arpin Philately offers a great deal of philatelic services: stamps on approval, stamp collecting supplies, online secure store, purchase of stamp collections, and much more.

How can I receive free stamps?

If you join Arpin Philately and try our service of stamps on approval, we will send you one of the following free gifts: 50 Canada stamps, 20 US stamps, 10 Disney stamps, or 100 Worldwide stamps. There is no obligation to buy! You may cancel service anytime, and your free gift will remain yours, no matter what! Click here to order your free stamps!

"Stamps on approval", what does that mean?

Stamps on approval are sent to collectors for a 20-day examination. Collectors choose the stamps they want to keep, and return the others with the payment for the stamps they keep. This way, our collectors never buy stamps they don't want! We also customize the service to your own interests in philately. Click here and join our many thousand satisfied collectors!

Is my browser compatible with your website?

Some older browsers may experience problems with some of our website functionalities. We recommend using Microsoft IE 8 or above, or any other new generation browser. Please report any problems to [email protected].

Why do I get an error message on your website?

Some older browsers will display an error message on our secure pages. This indicates an incompatibility with newer SSL encryption algorithms. We recommend upgrading your browser to the latest version.