Lighthouse PERFECT DP binder & slipcase, with country name imprint

Condition Price Stock
Australia (Red) $129.95
Bundesrepublik (Blue) $129.95
Canada (Red) $129.95
China (Red) $129.95
Deutsches Reich (Blue) $129.95
Deutschland (Blue) $129.95
Deutschland DDR (Blue) $129.95
France (Green) $129.95
Great Britain (Green) $129.95
Helvetia (Green) $129.95
Italia (Green) $129.95
Monaco (Green) $129.95
Nederland (Green) $129.95
New Zealand (Red) $129.95
Österreich (Green) $129.95
UN (Red) $129.95
USA (Red) $129.95


Lighthouse perfect DP turn-bar binder and matching slipcase with attractive country name imprint. 

  • The country name is embossed in gold color on the spine in native language of the respective country
  • Exceptionally large capacity holds up to 120 SF illustrated album pages
  • Simple, practical turn-bar mechanism for adding or re-arranging album pages, blank sheets or stock pages
  • Sturdy, padded cover
  • Superb quality of materials and workmanship
  • Matching slipcase
  • The favorite among collectors
Brand: Lighthouse