canada stamp j postage due j1 first postage due issue 1 1906

Canada Stamp - Postage Due #J1 - (1906) 1¢

Mint - Very Fine Never Hinged (M-VFNH)
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Mint - Very Fine (M-VF)
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Mint - Fine (M-F)
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Mint - Very Good (M-VG)
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Mint - Defect (M-DEF)
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Used - Fine (U-F)
USD $2.45
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Used - Very Good (U-VG)
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Used - Defect (U-DEF)
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Mint - Fine Never Hinged (M-FNH)
USD $11.25
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Mint - Very Good Never Hinged (M-VGNH)
USD $6.75
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Mint - Space Filler (M-FIL)
USD $1.15
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Used - Very Fine (U-VF)
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Used - Space Filler (U-FIL)
USD $0.35
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American bank note company, Ottawa - Violet. 1¢. Canada postage due stamp J1 from the first postage due issue.

Country Canada
#Scott J1
Issue First Postage Due Issue
Name First Postage Due Issue
Face Value
Date 1906-07-01
Color Violet
Perforation 12
Printer American Bank Note Company

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