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US Stamps

Complete inventory of our United States postage stamps sorted by Scott numbers. Browse through our US stamps, regular issues, classics, definitives, pictorials, commemoratives, grills, plate blocks and souvenir sheets. Stamps are ordered by century and under back of book subcategories: Air Mail, Offices in China, Officials, Parcel Post, Postage Due, Postal Stationery, Registration stamps, Semi-Postal, Special Delivery and Special Handling.

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US Stamps  -  19th Century

US Stamps - 19th Century

19th Century United States postage stamps are well known for many notable American presidents or famous men such as Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Stanton, Clay, Hamilton, Perry, Grant, Garfield and Webster. The first issue was imperforate and other well know series were issued, ...

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US Stamps  -  20th + Century

US Stamps - 20th + Century

20th Century United States postage stamps includes many popular issues as the Pan-American, the Louisiana Purchase, the Jamestown Exposition, the Washington-Franklin heads, the Bluish Papers, the 1909 Commemoratives, the Panama-Pacific, the Washington Bicentennial, the Farley Period, the Presidentia...

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US Stamps  -  BACK OF BOOK


"Back of book" stamps are uncommon stamps usually found in the back of collector's guides. US Back of Book issues are divided in several main categories: U.S. Air Mails, American Offices in China, United States Officials, Parcel Post, Postage Dues, Postal Stationeries, Registration stamps, Semi-Post...

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