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Canada Stamps

Complete inventory of our Canadian postage stamps sorted by Scott numbers and illustrated with images. Browse through our Canada stamps, regular issues, classics, rare stamps, definitives, pictorials, commemoratives, plate blocks and souvenir sheets. Stamps are ordered by dates and under the following subcategories: Regular Postal Issues, Back of Book, Provinces and collections.

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Canada Stamps  -  Postage Issues

Canada Stamps - Postage Issues

Canada started issuing postal stamps issues in 1851 under the Province of Canada with the three pence beaver part of the pence issue. Following the Confederation of 1867, the Dominion of Canada was formed and its first stamps issued in 1868, under the large Queen issue. Explore the fascinating histo...

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Canada Stamps  -  Back of Book

Canada Stamps - Back of Book

Back of book stamps are uncommon stamps, for specific usage, usually found in the back of collector's guides. Canada Back of Book issues are divided in several main categories: Semi-Postal stamps, Air Mail, Special Delivery, Registration, Postage Due, War Tax, official stamps and revenue stamps. Man...

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Canada Stamps  -  Provinces

Canada Stamps - Provinces

Following the lead of Britain in 1840, Canada began issuing stamps in 1851 with the province of Canada, British Columbia & Vancouver Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. All the provinces ceased to issue their own stamps and used the Dominion of Canada general ...

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Canada Stamp  -  Collections

Canada Stamp - Collections

The postage stamps of Canada are beautiful and educational and each year fascinating stamp issues are brought together in thematic or annual souvenir collections by Canada Post. Perfect for collectors, these collections also make ideal gifts for animal,art, science and history enthusiasts of all age...

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Canada - Year Sets

Canada - Year Sets

Packets containing all the stamps issued in one year by Post Canada. The stamps are all in Mint Never-Hinged condition and Very Fine grading. The stamps all are in their best available format (example se-tenant block). Ideal to fill album pages.

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Quarterly packs

Quarterly packs

Collector's Quarterly Packs contains all the stamps issued by Canada Post in its corresponding quarter. You get every stamp and souvenir sheet, including rare and convenient die cut to shape from booklets and coil stamps. Everything you need in one package.

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